Workshop on
Bianchi and Siegel modular forms
Sheffield 14-16 July, 2014


Luigi Bianchi (1856-1928) and Carl Ludwig Siegel (1896-1981). Images courtesy of wikipedia.

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Please email to register. There will be a registration fee (£30.00) to cover coffee/tea and lunches.

Financial Support:

There is support available for UK based PhD students. Please mention if you would like to apply for this in your registration email.


This event is supported by the London Mathematical Society and EPSRC.

List of Participants:

Samuele Anni Warwick
Tobias Berger Sheffield
Siegfried Böcherer Mannheim
Thanasis Bouganis Durham
Jim Brown Clemson
Andrew Corbett Bristol
Jonathan Crawford Durham
Lassina Dembele Warwick
Martin Dickson Bristol
Neil Dummigan Sheffield
Dan Fretwell Sheffield
Frazer Jarvis Sheffield
Andrew Jones Sheffield
Kris Klosin New York
Jayanta Manoharmayum Sheffield
Jolanta Marzec Bristol
Michalis Neururer Nottingham
James Newton Cambridge
Ameya Pitale Oklahoma
Alexander Rahm Galway
Abhishek Saha Bristol
George Schaeffer UCLA
Haluk Sengun Warwick/Sheffield
Jacques Tilouine Paris
Konstantinos Tsaltas Sheffield
Lynne Walling Bristol
Chris Williams Warwick